Distribution Controlling

Headlight Media Controlling

Controlling the distribution of our own product is paramount to our mission. An increasing part of our day-to-day business has become a sharp focus on maximizing catalogue revenue, by carefully scrutinizing the distribution of every project in every licensed territory. Managing the complexities of international licensing can only be achieved with thorough examination of existing license agreements, and ongoing audits accounting statements. Our detailed knowledge of this process and our professional network extend far outside the confines of most corporate accounting departments.

HeadlightUpon requests of co-producers and other industry members, ApolloMedia has established a division branded “Headlight Media Controlling” that is offering our expert services to third parties and will help to increase the revenue stream.

After establishing a “distribution status” concerning the respective project it will be the decision of our client whether or not he wants Headlight to follow up on all, certain or none distribution contracts on a continued basis under either a flat or revenue-based fee arrangement. If you are interested, we will be happy to answer your questions.