Child of Mine

  • Child of mine
  • Child of mine
  • Child of mine
  • Child of mine
  • Child of mine

After unsuccessfully trying to have a baby for many years, the child psychologist Tess Palmer finally adopts two orphan girls through an illegal agency. An unsolved mystery surrounds the dark past of Heather (10) and Grace (3) as their mother was murdered and the killer never got caught. Although Tess tries hard to develop a connection to troubled Heather, the girl keeps isolating herself and acts stranger day by day. When disturbing evidence suggests Heather might have killed her mother, Tess fears she could be next. Convinced that the only way out is to search for the truth and return to the crime scene, Tess stakes it all on one last dangerous card…

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Movie Details:

Jamie Payne




98/120 min.



Joanne Whalley, Hannah Lochner, Adrian Dunbar