Fighting Me (Schlag KraeftICH)

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International Student Newcomer Woman Movie Awards (Gold)
Impact DOCS Awards (Award of Mention: Special Mention Documentary Short)

Dana (32 year old) has a 9-5 job and what one could describe as a normal social life. Yet, she knows there is more to life, if she only dares to strive for it. Following her acting coach’s advice, picks up boxing in order to build up more inner strength and broaden her range of characters to play. Little did she know about the journey she was to begin, when she joined Stephan Feldmeier’s Gym. From Munich to New York, from training to actually fighting within 6 months. Not anywhere, but where Ali and Tyson once fought and trained. With her venture just beginning, the inner battles unfold.

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Movie Details:

Dana Reinhardt




29 min.


Biopic , Documentary

Dana Reinhardt, Giles Foreman, Stephan Feldmeier